Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tasting Event

I had a tasting event this past November, cooking all my favorite treats! 
It was for my 'Sweeten your day' theme

Sigh, I slept for a whole weekend after that. More pictures on the link below

Sweet Sixteen

Happy, happy birthdays this month!

Here's to a fantastic Sweet Sixteen to Courtney and Kayla

Gumpaste, gorgeous to look at, not much on taste.

Still, soo pretty

Although, just as pretty without too. I don't know, I can't seem to decide...

Well, don't you just love that 1M tip? Swirls are a few of my favorite things

Flowers do spruce it up. And I got to use my new Cupcake Courier. Not to rave here, but that piece of plastic is just amazing! And how versatile

It was also Troy's third birthday celebration and we had RV and strawberry cake balls and pops.

Yes, I made the fire truck display. It was part of the party theme, so I couldn't help but make it for a cutie like Troy ;p

Happy birthday to all December babies and thank you for letting me be a part of your celebration!

Macarons, the first attempt

Such simple ingredients, yet difficult to make.

I did use it as an excuse to buy a kitchen scale, so yay!

I only had blue on hand, so here's a try...

Wishlist, an Ateco #807 or #809 tip, because the small ones just doesn't really cut it. A bit lumpy and oddly shaped, but will have to do for now

I was happy about the "feet" and shell. Actually, I was quite impressed with myself

Mix up some quick ganache and sandwich it for my very own macaron. Yum!

Not bad for a first attempt. Powdered food color is on my shopping list now.

Cookie Cake!

For all those poor, poor students out there who had to concentrate on exams while the rest of the world prepares for the holidays, too bad!

I'm just kidding ;p I understand that time all too well. So as an encouragement: Peanut butter giant cookies with chocolate, butterscotch and vanilla chips with walnuts and mint on top. A real smorgasbord of different chips that left the huge cookie moist and chewy.  

Bite in and enjoy!


Mascarpone, yes!!! It was the perfect ingredient I've been searching for. 

Don't get me wrong, I love cream cheese frosting, but I have gotten comments about cream cheese frosting as being a bit too sweet and heavy. 

So I was watching Giada who mentioned that mascarpone was one of her favorite cheeses for dessert. 

With that in  mind, I created a mascarpone and cream cheese whipped frosting. I know, not the most original, but LOVE it. It was much lighter but still with the tang of the cheese. 

This sight makes my heart melt. But not my frosting. 

Stiff baby, and holds wonderfully well.


I love all the lines, and top it off with some toasted pecans.

Gorgeous and ready to be boxed.

Good thing I have cute boxes to match!

I hope Ruthie enjoys them

At the Table: Chicken Pot Pie

A BIG fan of FoodNetworks' Best Thing I Ever Ate, so when Giada recommended Wood Spoon's Chicken Pot Pie, I'm there! 

We got a group of comfort food lovers together and made the trek to downtown.

We started with the Mix Plate to sample the coxinha, potato and portuguese croquettes, pastel portuguese and kibe. I enjoyed the croquettes.

How pretty! I love that little detail with the crust, which was super buttery and flaky, my core requirements for pot pies.

Just chicken, roasted corn, hearts of palm and olives - Brazilian style! And the side salad and sauce, oh, the sauce

The damage is done! 

Brazilian flan with strawberries and caramel sauce. Not a big fan of coconut, but wow! 

Overall, Wood Spoon is a bit pricey, but very tasty and different flavors to tease the palate.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At the Table: Hot Day in the City

I was visiting some friends in San Francisco for a weekend and had to try out some of the places listed on The 2010 Big Eat SF on

We started at Tartine Bakery and Cafe for their famous morning bun. I have to admit, I went a little nuts.

The croissant

The morning bun, with just a hint of orange sugar goodness, this was divine

For cheese lovers out there, this is a MUST TRY, the gougeres. A delicious puff ball made of gruyere cheese, need I say more?

Lemon tart, which quite frankly was very tart. Probably why I loved it.

The tres leches cake slice. Voted one of the best in the city, I can still dream of the creamy goodness. 

As you can see, I made a total pig of myself. I did forget to take a picture of the Jamon sandwich on sourdough and the drinks we ordered. That along with these treats laid out on our table for two had several other bakery goers stop by our table and asked if we ordered some sort of sampler lunch time meal ;( I think my partner in crime, BLT, was a bit embarrassed but it was my first time and I seriously wanted to try everything. She's lucky to be able to stop by Tartine any time the need hits.


Another spot I've been meaning to try is Fleur de Lys. Chef Hubert Keller was darling on Bravo's Top Chef and Top Chef Masters. My girls and I decided to go decadent and indulge ourselves.

While waiting to take our order, they brought out

Popcorn with truffle oil

Gazpacho with side of potato salad mousse

For appetizer, I ordered the Symphony of choucroute fondant with caviar - foie gras and smoked duck burger, sesame beef tartare and golden panisse fries

The entree was a seared filet mignon with lobster truffled mac & cheese en brioche, accented wtih red wine, shallot, thyme Bordelaise sauce
Isn't the close up so juicy? My mouth is watering again.

For dessert I ordered the Grand Marnier Souffle

Fleurburger! Too cute, and chocolatey goodness. I think my favorite was the banana milk shake

Apple tart, nice, crispy crust

Look at the height on that souffle!

Since it was BLT's birthday the prior week, we celebrated again ;p
A lecuma panna cotta surprise!

The manager was sweet enough to send over an assorted petite dessert plate after all the sweets we just ate!

Even though stuffed, we managed to somehow finish everything. Then after THAT, our awesome waiter brought over some new dessert wine for us to sample before we left.

I have to admit, the biggest highlight of the night was when Chef Keller himself made the rounds and checked in on us in the middle of appetizers. I was so starstruck! But I did manage to get a hug and a picture from him. What a sweet man, he even held the door and walked us out when we were done with dinner later that night. I felt absolutely pampered! Of course, with the amount we are paying, I guess that level of service is to be expected. 

I would go back for that sort of service. That, and the lobster mac & cheese, yum!